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Bikini Panties
Bikini Panties

Sexy Bikini Panties

Bikini panties are one of the popular styles of ladies panties...

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What is a bikini panty?

Bikini panties have a high leg opening, so gradually it has thinner sides. They are blessed with no panty lines, sweeping aside your worries of visible panty lines. You can literally wear them with almost any outfit of your choice. They keep you comfortable for the whole day. Remember that when it comes to deciding the right type of bikini panty for you, go with what gives you the utmost comfort.

Difference between a bikini panty and a regular panty?

If you want to know what differentiates a bikini panty from a regular one, go through the following points:

  • Normal or regular panties are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing as it sits on your body just above your hips. Bikini briefs are designed to sit low on the back and shows a major portion of your abdomen. They are available in different cuts, styles, colours, and textures.
  • Regular panties provide a wide coverage whereas bikini underwear has a higher leg opening which results in less coverage.
  • In a regular panty, the side cuts, width sides and fabric are higher to give you optimum coverage whereas a bikini panty uses less very fabric around the sides, making it a little cheeky and sensual.
  • When you are not in the mood for a cheeky reveal and need a snug-fitting, healthy cover, go for a regular panty. But if you are planning for a date night or a special night, bikini panties are gonna be your best friend.

How to choose the perfect bikini panties

Choosing hot bikini panties from a wide range of collections is very confusing. We totally get you, ladies! The first thing that should be kept in mind is your body type. Every woman has a different body type. So, you have to choose accordingly. Mentioned below are some of the types of bikini panties, which you must give a try:

  1. Lace and string bikini panty -

Strings are sexy. String waisted bikinis make you look hot and sexy no matter what kind of body you have. It is crafted with soft lace fabric and is super soft and comfortable to wear.

  1. High waist bikini panty -

This panty is a perfect choice for women who are apple-shaped (or round-shaped), who always fear that their underwear is always falling.

Why shop from LotusLeaf?

Panties are one of the ultimate requirements in a lingerie wardrobe and selecting the right panty type can put you in a dilemma. So if you are confused about what to pick, visit LotusLeaf. Our bikini panties are all about comfort and sensuality. These hot bikini panties will definitely go well with your everyday outfit or if you want to just boost the hotness quotient!

Bikini Panty FAQs

Q. 1. What are the distinct features of a bikini panty?

A. This panty naturally sits low on the back, as it has a high-cut leg hole, and thus shows a lot of your abdomen, thus making you look sexy.

Q. 2. Can a bikini panty help me hide panty lines?

A. These panties are blessed with no panty lines, sweeping aside your worries of visible panty lines.