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Underwire Bra

Underwire Bras

A wired bra can be a saviour on many occasions. In an underwired br...

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What is an underwire bra?

In an underwire bra, a sturdy metal wire sits beneath your bustline to lift and support your breasts. The wire is made of a durable metal or plastic material and is sewn into the fabric of the bra cup. Wearing such a bra will help your breasts to appear less saggy, also you will be relieved of back pain, improving your overall body posture. Underwired bras offer extra support for heavy breasts but women with small breasts too can enjoy a boosted lift from underwire bras.

Types of an underwired bra

The different types of bras which have an underwire are as follows:


The wire is basically a "J" shaped wire, that is intended for all-day wear. Demi or full cup bras have also such wire. The length is shorter if you compare it with any other type of wire and has a great difference between the height of its ends. The shape of the wire is very much similar to the natural shape of the breast root.

Strapless bra

These wires are a deep "U" shape. The wires have the same height both at the centre front and at the side. The breast is designed to fall completely into the wire shape so it is fully supported and projected upwards.

Push-up bras

The wires are put into the bra at a sharp tilt, so the breasts are pushed together and upwards. The wires are banana-shaped, with some being more hooked at the centre front, while others are just like the curve of a banana. The wires are designed to provide a more prominent cleavage and deeper neckline, helping you to achieve that sexy look.

Factors to consider while shopping for an underwire bra

*Choose the right fit as proper fitting is the most important element of bra shopping. A poorly fitted bra will make you feel uncomfortable the whole day, regardless of any style you choose.

*Buy bras that compliment your ideal shape and provide the right amount of lift. For example, your sexy black dress may need the boost of an underwire bra.

*Underwire bras are incredibly comfortable if you are wearing the correct bra size and style according to your body.

LotusLeaf underwire bra online shopping

With a metal underwire sewn into the cups, an underwired bra supports and shapes your breasts, creating the perfect silhouette. This style provides you with proper support and lift. Underwire bras are now easily available online at LotusLeaf in a variety of styles, sizes, and fabric and at an affordable range. Choose the best from the rest!

Underwire Bra FAQs:


Q. 1. What precautions to follow while wearing an underwire bra?

A. The wire should not come out of the cup. But due to the normal wear and tear of a bra, once an underwire is past its expiration date, the wire may begin to bend or poke out of the cup fabric. This is a sign that you need to buy a new underwire bra.

Q. 2. Does an underwire bra cause rashes?

A. No, absolutely not! Underwire bras are completely safe to wear. You just need to choose the right underwire bra that is safe to wear. The wire should not harm the breast tissues. It should sit against your skin and lift your breast away from the body. It is always advisable to take a trial before finally buying it.