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T-Shirt Bra

T-Shirt Bras

If you are looking to wear a bra that is best for everyday use and ca...

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T-shirt Bra Online Shopping

T-shirts bras serve all occasions, be it wearing casual wear or professional wear. The concealed cups of such bras are a flawless match for sure. These bras are relaxing daily wear that provides long-lasting and supporting structure and shape to your breasts. This T-shirt bra has now become a rage in the market because of its comfort and coverage and is widely worn as casual wear. There are many reasons to wear a T-shirt bra and you can make it a part of your wardrobe.

What is a T-shirt bra?

The T-shirt bra can be worn under fitted T-shirts or any clothes when you want a smooth look. These bras are usually simple in terms of style without lace or embroidery on the cups and thus your bra won’t get the show through your tops. You can wear a T-shirt bra when you want a smooth line under your tops. The moulded cups make the T-shirt bras the most comfortable option when you want such a bra that won’t show through your clothes.

Types of T-shirt bras

The different types of bras available in the category of t-shirt bras are as follows: 

1) Molded T-shirt bra - Molded T-shirt bras come with cushioning to add volume to your cups.

2) Moulded bras with Push-up padding - This moulded t-shirt bra is made with push-up pads to give your busts a lift. It is perfect to wear under form-fitting low-cut or deep-neckline outfits.

3) Underwire T-shirt bra - These bras are designed to contour and give your breasts a nice-round shape and add some cleavage.

4) Wireless T-shirt bra - These bras are light wear because they do not have any rigid or hard piece of material and are very comfortable to wear.

5) Front open T-shirt bra - The front open bra is crafted with a clasp between the breasts instead of on the back.

Wash care tips for a t-shirt bra

T-shirt bras are used on a regular basis so it is very important that you know the right process of washing them. Take cold water and add detergent in a small amount. Soak your bra in this mixture. Rinse it carefully and towel dry to remove water. Then you need to air dry it on a hanger. It is advised not to use a washing machine or a dryer for washing and drying any piece of lingerie.


T-shirt bras are the best choice for daily use to get a smooth and perfect fit without showing any bra lines. These bras are moulded and padded for comfortable wear and enhance the natural shape of your breasts. These sexy bras come in different varieties and sizes. You can find padded t-shirt bras, lightly padded t-shirt bras, wireless t-shirt bras, or wired t-shirt bras. These bras are essential underclothes and you must wear these bras as they are invisible under clothes and are a perfect fit. You can get the best t-shirt bras at LotusLeaf. Check out their collection and start t-shirt bra online shopping.

T-shirt Bra FAQs:

Q. 1. What are the reasons to shop for t-shirt bras from LotusLeaf?

A. LotusLeaf is a youthful, seductive, and fashionable lingerie brand for contemporary Indian women and LotusLeaf has an amazing collection of t-shirt bras of different varieties, sizes, and designs. These bras and other pieces of lingerie are made with utmost care with the best quality fabrics and trims. Your shopping will turn out to be a wonderful experience with all the exciting offers. This site provides a complete lingerie shopping collection that suits the needs of every woman out there.

Q. 2. What is the most common type of t-shirt bra?

A. The different types of t-shirt bras are - a moulded t-shirt bra, a moulded bra with push-up padding, an underwire t-shirt bra, and a front open t-shirt bra.