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Sexy and good quality lingerie can change your entire mood. A sexy bra a...

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Sexy Bra Online Shopping

Having beautiful lingerie such as a hot bra or a sexy bra in your wardrobe will make you feel beautiful. It is a fact that no single bra can accommodate every need you may have. Here is a list of some sexy bras, that are intended to provide a specific look and function:

Types of sexy bras

1. Bralette

Bra + Top = Bralette. Yes, a unique combination of a crop top and a bra is a bralette. It is non-wired, non-padded and non-structured. Sounds so relaxing already! It looks very sexy and can be easily paired with your jeans. Opt for a jacket for a chic look. It goes with literally anything like a sheer dress, backless tops or anything, really!

2. Strapless bra

Strapless bras are a real blessing if you get the core and basics right. Go for a size smaller than your actual size because the band is like the one-man army, always holding and supporting the chest. Your dress should be slightly loose near the chest and tighter near the waist. Take out your off-shoulder dress and flaunt your sexy curves with ease.

3. Balconette bra

A balconette bra reveals the top parts of your breasts but is much fuller around the breasts. If you are in the mood for some cleavage show, this is the sexiest bra for you.

4. Sheer Bra

Sheer bras themselves are sexy. It shows off a little bit of your skin with the fabric used, like lace, net, satin, etc. It not only provides full support but also looks very fashionable and sexy at the same time. These hot bras give nipple coverage and are well rounded.

5. Stick on bras

Have you ever wondered when to wear stick-on bras? Fancy necklines, the shape of a certain dress calls for stick-on bras. It has silicon pads that stick to your body and remain intact.

6. Transparent bra

Hot bras that have transparent straps are basically called transparent bras. It comes into the picture when deep neck dresses or tops with noodle straps or sleeveless are your choices for the evening. There is also another type of transparent bra, which are made of transparent fabric. Both look equally sexy.

Sexy bras to rock your outfits

It really hurts, when you can't wear an outfit, that have you have selected for a date night because you don't have a proper bra for your outfit. And the one you have doesn't suit your outfit. But with the collection of LotusLeaf, you can get a bra type that goes with each of your outfits.

Now that you have complete knowledge of the types of sexy bras available online, fulfil your desire of upgrading your wardrobe with the latest collection. Sexy bra online shopping at LotusLeaf makes it easier for you to add some exquisite lingerie to your wardrobe. Buy sexy bra and panty set online in India, flaunt your curves, and be the talk of the town!

Sexy Bra FAQs:

Q. 1. Are sexy bras made of comfortable?

A. A sexy bra made of lace is very comfortable to wear and can be easily worn on a daily basis. It is created with soft and lace fabric. This fabric actually provides more support and comfort than any other normal bra.

Q. 2. Which is the most comfortable fabric for a bra?

A. Cotton is definitely one of the best fabrics for bras. Polyamide and powernet are equally comfortable fabrics that provide stretchability and breathability. Bras made of luxurious fabric like lace are also comfortable to wear.