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Want to add size and perfect shape to your breast size in order to boo...

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Padded Bra Online Shopping

We you a variety of picks bringing you latest designs which are not only comfortable but also add to volume appeal of the bust enhancing your sex appeal at the same time.

With LotusLeaf padded bras you look amazing in any outfit. Our padded lingerie is available in a wide range of colors, styles and cup shapes. Whether it is full coverage or half coverage. Our special demi cup coverage highlighting cleavage to give you the most glamorous bridal look.

The padded bras offered by us are made of skin friendly fabric using lightweight spacer foam, giving flawless shape and support.

What is a Padded Bra?

A padded bra is customized to make your chest look bigger and bolder giving it perfect rounded shape. Walk with confidence with padded bra that promises a flawless shape and zero headlight effect under your outfits.

The padding material of the bra usually includes foam, water, or gel or heavy double layering of lycra cotton around the bust part.

Benefits of Padded Bra

One of the major benefits of wearing a padded bra is to improve your bust line. With the right shape of the bra joined with padding inserts, a padded bra instantly makes your busts look fuller by adding up a cup size.

With such a type of bra, you can easily go up the cup size that you have never even imagined. If you wish to enjoy a cleavage that looks amazing with low-cut tops or shirts then give it a try to padded bras.

Do you have a disproportionate breast? Are you not able to wear your favorite dress because you feel your bust-line is too flat? If the answer is yes, then don’t worry because padded bras are here to help you out. The padding bra will not cover your entire breasts but also uplift and make them even and thus add to the bulge impact of the chest.

After wearing our padded bra, the unevenness will fade away and give you a natural-looking chest with perfect symmetrical breasts. If you have smaller breasts and looking for an affordable way to increase their size then a heavily padded bra is a one stop-solution.

Types of Padded Bra

Depending upon your requirements, you can find different types of padded bras that are available in several designs, styles, and variants. The padded bras make your breasts look firm, bigger, and perfect in appearance.

Some of the common types of padded bra offered at our online store include:

Lightly padded bra

The best part of Lightly padded bra compared to a heavily padded bra lies in its relatively enhanced breathability and skin friendliness.

Want to increase the size of your breast without adding the bulk of pads? A lightly padded bra is definitely the right option for you. This kind of bra is a good option for you whether you wish to stay in shape or prevent sagging breasts. Lightly padded bras should be part of your lingerie collection because it offers great support.

Heavy padded bra

Are you looking for a bra that offers you firm protection and heavy bust size as well as shape? If yes, then a heavy padded bra is the best solution. Women with heavy busts can also go for this type of bra because it is available in different variants.

This padded bra offers you full coverage and the soft pads make sure that your breasts do not look enlarged further.

Underwire padded bra

As the name suggests, an underwire padded bra comes with wired cups that are padded. The underwire used in this bra help in lifting your breast gently in order to make it look bouncier.

This type of bra is great for women who have saggy breasts and require an extra lift.

Padded sports bra

If you want to provide support to your breasts during physical activities then a padded sports bra is a must-have. When compared to typical bras, this type of bra is a little sturdy and specially designed to decrease movement of the breast and ease discomfort.

You can choose the sports bras according to the impact level of the exercises that offer diverse levels of support right from low, medium to high. This type of bra comes in all sizes.

Push up padded bra

The push up padded bra offered by us lifts your breasts and pushes them closer, giving a perfect cleavage. This bra often has underwired cups to give a gentle lift. The angular padding used in a push up bra instantly changes the shape and appearance of your breasts.

Strapless padded bra

The strapless padded bra is good for women with hourglass figures and thinner bust sizes. It is extremely popular and is great for strapless and off-shoulder outfits.

The pads used in this bra are made using a soft mold and get of premium quality.

So, start your favorite padded bra online shopping today and give your personality a new appearance.

Padded Bra FAQs


Q.1. Why should you wear a padded bra?

A. You must wear a padded bra daily to give the right shape, support and comfort to your breast. It also prevents sagging.

Q.2. Is it safe to wear a padded bra every day?

A. Yes, it is safe to wear a padded bra every day because it does not cause any harm to your health rather it helps you keep your bust firm and help prevent early sagging. Make sure you buy padded bra online of the right size according to your breast.

Q.3. Is a padded bra good for teenagers?

A. A padded non-wired bra is perfect for teenagers because it has padded cups to ensure modesty.

Q.4. What is the difference between a padded bra and a push-up bra?

A. Both the bras come with foam cups but push-up bra pushes your breasts towards the center and adds volume. This leads to perkier cleavage.