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Feeding/ Nursing Bra
Feeding/ Nursing Bra

Feeding Bras

When you are pregnant or lactating, you often feel uncomfortable wear...

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Nursing Bra Online Shopping

The nursing bra offered by us at LotusLeaf is no less than a saviour during the trimesters and nursing time. Feeding Bra offered by us offers additional support to women during the lactation period. One of the best things about this bra is, you can easily do breastfeeding without removing the bra.

Our exclusive collection of nursing bras with special flaps help you to expose the breast for feeding with ease without having the hassling need to unhook the bra. Such types of bras are extremely comfortable as they do not press the breasts or cause swelling. Even though the bra does not have underwired still it offers the required support and maintains the proper shape of your breasts.

We make sure that after wearing the maternity bra, you do not experience any kind of pain or irritation.

What is a nursing bra?

Are you looking for a bra that supports your breasts and helps in easy breastfeeding? If yes, then a nursing bra is a one-stop solution for you. This bra particularly supports your growing breasts during pregnancy comfortably and help you feed the baby with great ease after pregnancy.

A nursing bra or feeding bra comes with clips, zips, buttons, or clasps to offer access to your breasts and enable feeding to the baby without removing your arm from the straps.

Just like the rest of your body, during pregnancy, your breasts also start changing and become bigger as well as sensitive to the touch. However, before starting the nursing bra online shopping, it is necessary to know the right size of your breasts.

Benefits of Feeding Bras

Regular bras might not be the right for you to wear when you are pregnant or lactating. This is the time when your breasts undergo a lot of changes and make it necessary for you to wear the right bra which takes care of your breasts. Yes, you need to buy a feeding bra online or a nursing bra.

Here are some top benefits of wearing feeding bras:


We make use of the best quality cotton fabric that is stretchable offering enough room for changing breast sizes. During the lactating phase, the breast size change during pre and post-breastfeeding stage.

The comfortable cotton lining present in the feeding bra offers great comfort to your breast tissues during nursing time.

Great convenience

You need to know that a nursing bra comes with conveniently placed clasps that make it easy for you to open-up the bra cup without having to hook and unhook the bra within seconds. This helps you in feeding your baby in a hassle-free manner.

Good health

It is important to keep in your mind that normal bras come with non-stretchable cup fabrics that cause a lot of discomfort during the nursing period. Similar discomfort is caused by underwired bras as it might dig into your soft breast tissues and cause problems.

So, being a lactating woman, it is always better for you to wear a nursing bra because it not only offers comfort but also supports it.

The breastfeeding bras offered by us are available in different fabrics, colors, and designs, meeting your exact requirements.

How to find a perfect fit Maternity Bra?

Buying a perfect fit maternity bra is a bit challenging task but keeping a few things in your mind can offer great help in the selection of the right size. Here are a few things that you must consider when buying a maternity bra:

When buying a maternity bra, you must check whether or not it is going to support your breasts completely. Go for a bra that has wide bands which allows for a slight bounce.

Also, check the maternity bra you are deciding to buy as to whether it provides for full coverage. Pay attention to the material of the bra because your breast is extremely sensitive at the time of pregnancy.

The backstrap of the nursing bra should be broad and sturdy at the same time. It should have at least four hooks. Go for a little loose-fit maternity bra.

Choose the maternity bras that offer you utmost comfort and are not padded.

As a pregnant woman, you can buy at least 5-6 maternity bras to avoid wetting sensation caused by dripping commonly associated with lactating phase.

So, fill your mommy days with happiness and affection by ordering the best nursing bra from LotusLeaf.

Feeding Bra FAQs

Q.1. When should I start using a feeding or maternity bra?

A. It is always better to start wearing a maternity bra the moment you enter your second trimester. Remember maternity or nursing bras are best for changing breasts size.

Q.2. Is it safe to wear nursing bras?

A. Yes, it is absolutely safe for you to wear nursing bras during and after pregnancy. Infact it should be the preferred choice to a traditional bra.

Q.3. Are feeding bras comfortable?

A. Yes, feeding bras are comfortable because they are designed to suit the feeding requirement and also the cotton fabric is specialy crafted for providing extra soft touch to your skin.

Q.4. What is the difference between a nursing bra and a regular bra?

A. The main difference between the two bras is nursing bra has clasps that allow for easy breastfeeding but the regular bra doesn’t have.