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Demi cup bras leave the top part of your breasts exposed for a sexy ...

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What is a demi cup bra?

A demi-cup bra has low cups and covers a smaller part of your chest. Since these cups do not provide full coverage, your breasts appear to be pushed upward and look naturally fuller and rounder, creating a very sexy cleavage. The demi cups expose a large part of your chest, giving a very revealing shape to your breast. Of course, it is true that demi cups do not offer enough closure to rescue larger sizes from a little bust spillage at the front. But, that is indeed the whole point of wearing a half coverage bra, isn't it?

Types of demi cup bras

  • The underwire demi cup bra offers great support and shaping along with adding one cup size to your breasts. Get a subtle push in a medium coverage demi bra and flaunt your natural cleavage under low neckline outfits.
  • The lightly padded floral printed demi cup bra is a sure shot success that enhances your natural bustline and gives you a smooth silhouette.
  • The strapless demi cup bra features medium padded cups for fine shaping and nipple coverage. Its wires offer added support that helps to enhance the shape of your bustline in the most perfect way.
  • Demi bras are also called shelf bras or balconette bras, as they have cups that are cut low, resembling the shape of a balcony. It can be easily worn as an everyday intimate as well.
  • The push up bra that you get to witness in the market will end up having demi cups as well.

How to style demi cup bras

A demi cup bra is perfect to wear under low cut clothes, because of the low neckline. Your demi-cup bra will not be visible under your top or dress. Also, the demi bra gives you a very sexy look. Wear your revealing outfits without worrying about your bra. Sometimes displaying a deep cleavage can ruin a casual outfit and is not welcomed everywhere. That is where demi bras make their appearance, where they can lift, show the right amount of cleavage, hold your breasts in place and still feel super comfortable.

Demi cup bra online shopping from LotusLeaf

Life is unpredictable and too short to wear boring bras all the time, isn't it? This season calls for some spicy itsy-bitsy pieces of demi-cup bra from LotusLeaf. Our range of demi cup bras is available in a plethora of sizes, colours, prints and fabrics. Shop this beloved type of bra as most women love this for the amazing fit and coverage it offers.

Demi Cup Bra FAQs:

Q. 1. Who should wear a demi cup bra?

A. Every woman can wear a demi cup bra since the half cup shape works for most breast shapes. Demi cup bras suit best for women who have an asymmetrical bust shape as the bra will lift the bust and centre, making way for the bust tissue for a fuller, clean and smooth look. Even if your breasts are fuller at the bottom than at the top, the demi cup bra will fit perfectly.

Q. 2. What are the features of a demi cup bra?

A. Demi cup bras offer an uplifted bust shape even with the lowest level of padding. They also act as cleavage enhancers by default. The tailoring of the cups is such that it pushes the breasts together, forming a well-defined cleavage.