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Cotton Bras

Do you want to know what spells comfort in the world of lingerie? Cott...

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What is a cotton bra?

Due to the comfort and support factor, cotton bras have soared high in popularity. Cotton is a handwoven fabric and is used extensively in the making of lingerie. In due course of time, the fabric has evolved, and there is a wide range of cotton bras available in various styles. A few of the designs only feature cotton cups whereas others are completely made of cotton.

Types of cotton bras

If you are planning for cotton bra online shopping, there are a variety of options. Below are mentioned some of the different types of bras that you may choose:

  • Sports bra - For all the physically active women out there, they will understand how valuable a sports bra is. Investment in a cotton sports bra would be ideal for activities like jogging, running, or yoga.
  • Feeding bra - The nursing needs are met with a maternity bra. It is designed specifically for breastfeeding women.
  • T-shirt bra - Now get a seamless look under your T-shirt with a T-shirt bra. Based on your preferences, they are lightly or heavily padded.
  • Push up bra - If you are looking for a cotton push-up bra, you are at the right place. These bras make the breasts look fuller and provide a better cleavage.
  • Minimizer bra - It is a comfortable choice for women who have larger breasts. This pure cotton bra is designed in such a way that the breasts look small.
  • Bralette - For all the fashion freaks out there, this is an extended version of the regular bra. A cotton bralette looks great through sheer material and you can flaunt a sexy bra without revealing a lot.

Benefits of a cotton Bra

The use of modern technology has brought fabrics like spandex, polyester, and nylon that has moisture whisking propertie. However, the use of a cotton bra does have its own set of benefits. A pure cotton bra has a uniform fabric that is going to last for a longer period. It contributes to the softness of the fabric. So when you are choosing a cotton bra, you should understand the blend of fabric before you are planning to undertake online shopping.

When you are purchasing a cotton bra to wear underneath your dress, choose a colour that complements your dress style. If you have smaller breasts, you can go for wired and non-wired versions of the bra. But if the breasts are heavy then an underwired bra may turn out to be a better option.

Cotton Bra online shopping from LotusLeaf

In the last few decades, the cotton bra have evolved in terms of fit and design. The cotton bras from LotusLeaf enhance the chest support, and with a gentle fit are known to provide quality support. The best part of these bras is that they are known to provide superior shape as the chances of sagging get reduced to an extent.

Cotton Bra FAQs:

Q. 1. What are the most popular types of cotton bras?

A. Some of the popular types of cotton bras are T-shirt cotton bras, demi cup cotton bras, plunge cotton bras, padded wired medium coverage cotton bras, cotton sports bras, etc.

Q. 2. Are the bras made of 100% cotton?

A. You will get 100% cotton bras at LotusLeaf, except for the accessories like the buttons and straps of the bras.