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What is a bralette?

One of the pieces of lingerie which have evolved significantly over the years is a bralette - right from the ancient corset to the modern-day bralette. Crafted with delicate lace fabric, the cups of the bralette offer a smooth poke-free experience. With stylized backs, keyholes, cut-outs, and lacy embellishments, these bralettes will surely help you manage all your tricky outfits.

Types of bralette bras

When you are going for bralette online shopping, make sure that you add the following different types of bras to your cart:

  • Basic bralettes: These basic bralettes are perfect for everyday wear and are available in simple designs and prints.
  • Longline bralettes: These are the most stylish types of bralettes, where the lacy embellishments extend down the torso and you can team them with all kinds of outfits.
  • Cage bralettes: These bralettes have a cage-like design at the front as well as at the back and are perfect to team with scoop back and deep neck outfits.
  • Lace bralettes: The addition of lace bralettes made of smooth and exquisite lace fabrics to your wardrobe will definitely upgrade your fashion game! Too hot to flaunt, these lace bralettes will make you feel like a diva.
  • Strapless bralettes: Want to flaunt a strapless top while wearing a sexy bralette? We have the perfect solution for you in the form of a strapless bralette. They are super stylish and can be used to avoid those embarrassing peek-a-boo moments. Trust us on this, your strapless tops and dresses will thank you for choosing this bralette.

Play the palette game wisely

When shopping for a bralette bra, pay heed to the colour combination. Colours like black and red can make you feel ravishing and bold, while soft pastels will bring you the cute side of yours. You can also take the fashion game a level higher by experimenting with some fluorescent shades like neon orange, bright yellow, or fluorescent green. Shades of blue are evergreen and suit women of all complexions.

Why choose LotusLeaf for bralette online shopping?

Buy bralettes online at LotusLeaf and now break the monotony of your everyday lingerie with the sophisticated collection of bralettes. LotusfLeaf has emerged as a top lingerie shopping destination for ladies because of its varied collection available at the best market price. Such myriad styles and designs are available that you will feel like adding all the pieces to your collection. Along with that, the availability of discounts and offers will surely make your shopping experience a pocket-friendly one.

Bralette Bra FAQ:

Q. 1. What is the difference between a regular bra and a bralette?

A. A bra is a lingerie type that holds the breasts together and provides them with good support. They are available in different types. On the other hand, a bralette is an advanced version of a bra that has lacy embellishments and can be worn both as a bra as well as a crop top.

Q. 2. What purpose is served by a bralette?

A. In addition to providing support to your breasts, bralettes are usually worn as a statement piece and are uber stylish and chic that you can wear them as crop tops to rock every occasion.