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Balconette Bra

Balconette Bras

The world of stylish bras may turn out to be confusing and overwhe...

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What is a balconette bra?

The characteristics of a balconette bra are the cups. Coming to the coverage, it is less than half a cup with an inch above the nipple line. Another popular feature of this bra are the straps as they may complement the wider necklines. Most of them are designed with an underwire cup where a gentle lift to the breasts are provided and an illusion of rounded and fuller breasts is developed. It is better to buy a balconette bra online easily.

Types of balconette bra


Push-up bra

This type of balconette bra is available in a wide range of shapes and helps the curves to have better bra support.

Classic bra

In this type of balconette bra, the top of the bra goes on to replicate a demi cup bra type.

Which outfits can be worn with a balconette bra?


Such a type of bra would work best with low necklines. For example, an outfit that is ruined by a visible bra strap could be donned with a demi-coverage balconette bra. The straps would be hidden under the low necklines.

For a top or a dress that has a lower neckline, it works great with the use of such types of bras. The wider shoulder is bound to remain concealed under the broader neckline, thus saving you from embarrassing bra straps.

If you are looking for a push effect without a half cup bra, the balconette bra may do the job for you. With underwire and half coverage cups, it is known to formulate a visible cleavage that makes your breasts round and fuller under the low necklines.

Add to your style with a balconette bra


Just like any other innerwear, the comfort of the fabric turns out to be important. These sexy bras are made of natural fabric linen and are available in various colours and trends with different lace styles. It is even available in poly fabric, for a smooth finish to your nightdress party. It would go along with a beautiful saree that you are planning to don for the next authentic look.

It is the go-to bra for the deep pushing neckline that showcases a perfect cleavage for a sexy evening. The nature of the bras is that they push the breasts from the bottom and it has a round shape at the top. The best part about these fancy bras is that it is known to have a push-up nature that enhances the cleavage. All these features of a balconette bra makes it so desirable and an apt choice when you are upgrading your lingerie closet.

Balconette Bra FAQs:


Q. 1. Are half cup bras and balconette bras same?

A. Both these types of bras offer less coverage than a full cup bra. The balconette is going to do more than pushing up the bras up to the balcony. In addition, the demi-cup does have a square neckline whereas balconettes go on to develop a sweet shape.

Q. 2. Why buy balconette bras from Lotus Leaf?

A. From the above information till now, it becomes easy to undertake balconette bra online shopping easily. They have a lot of options when it comes to the choice of a bra.