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Bra Size Calculator

Bra Size Calculator India

Bra Size Calculator

Most Indian women wear ill-fitting bras as they do not know how to measure their bra size properly. A well-fitted bra is not only important for the right look but is also crucial for helping incorrect posture and giving proper support to your breasts. One of the major reasons behind ill-fitting bras is that women do not get their bra size measured. Knowing your correct bra size is the first step in finding the perfect bra. This is possible with the help of a bra size calculator.

Importance of a bra size calculator

It is always important to wear the right size and the right fit bra as wearing a bra that does not fit well may lead to a lot of physical problems like backache, discomfort, bad posture, and marks on the skin leaving it as irritation. Calculating bra size is very easy and there is no such rocket science. A bra size guide will help you in shopping for the right fitting bra.

Factors to consider for bra size calculation

It is very important for a woman to have a perfect bra fitting. To know the right bra size, so that one can shop for the correct bra size, the following are the factors that need to be taken into consideration:

1) Right Cup Size

The cup should cover the breasts and cover the front and side of the breasts.

2) Right Band Size

The bra band should be perfectly around your ribcage and should form a levelled straight line around your torso.

3) Right Strap Fit

The right strap is the one that sits on your shoulder perfectly which does not fall off your shoulder.

How to Measure Bra Size?

To find the perfect bra size you need to have a combination of the band size and the cup size. The cup size is the overbust size of the breasts and the band size is the under the bust size that sits on your torso and ribcage. While measuring makes sure that you are wearing a non-padded and non-wired bra to get the most accurate measurements. Whether you are measuring the bust size or the band size, make sure that your tape is not too tight or too loose as this could make uncomfortable fits.

For calculating the band size:

Step 1: The tape should be levelled and snug and wrap the tape on the area of your breast where the bra band is.

Step 2: Whatever figure you obtain, round it to the nearest whole number. Add 4 inches if the obtained number is even and if it is odd, add 5 inches.

Step 3: The number obtained after your calculation is your band size.

Band Size Measurement
Bust Size Measurement

For calculating the cup size:

Step 1: For measuring your bust size, measure completely around the bust at the fullest point.

Step 2: Hold a tape against the back and not too tight in front.

Step 3: Round off the number to the whole to the nearest whole number and then subtract the band size calculated earlier from the bust measurement.

Step 4: If the difference between the band and the bust measurement is 1, the cup size is A, if the difference is 2, the cup size is B, and so on.


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Some Points to Follow while You Select The Right Bra

1) It is always better to check your bra size every 3-6 months.

2) Your bra straps should not be too loose or tight and should be adjustable.

3) Your cups should properly cover your breasts from the front and sides.

4) Knowing your perfect bra size will make your bra perfectly fit and that is why you should always know the bra size that suits your body.

Knowing your true bra size is crucial and knowing your sister size can be extremely helpful while adjusting your bra size. These sister sizes are the groups of bra sizes that are equivalent to the cup volume. Women with smaller bands and large cup bands tend to benefit the most from sister sizing.