Tips for Selecting Your Honeymoon Lingerie


After spending months planning the perfect wedding venue, a delicious menu, sending invites, booking your hair and makeup appointment, you are finally going to get hitched and enter your married life. But have you checked the most important thing on the list? Going on a honeymoon! Yes, we are talking about your honeymoon lingerie. Now that you are married, it is time to do something for your man. And what could be better than purchasing sexy bridal nightwear to get that perfect kickstart to your honeymoon! Clothes are obviously very important, but don't you think that you do need to have the best lingerie for your honeymoon as well. No dress would look perfect if you don't have perfect lingerie. Need some help? Well, here we go:

  1. Bridal Babydoll

Bridal baby doll dress look super sexy. They are basically a new version of a short nightdress. Get the lace or net ones, as it quite famous among new brides! The babydoll will make sure that things get hot and heavy and you and your partner have a good time on your honeymoon! Try to go for silk or satin or lace fabric, as they are very delicate and you can definitely have fun teasing your man with such seductive and sensuous nightwear.

  1. Bridal Bra Panty Set

Bra panty set should be seductive as well as sexy. Opt for lacy bra panty sets or even a satin bikini set will work like a magic, showing off a lot of cleavage; setting the entire mood on fire for both of you. Put on your satin robe, and Voila! your work is done. Choose the fabric according to the season since you don't want to feel uncomfortable the whole night.

Bridal bra panty set

  1. Bridal Panties

Panties are the tiniest bridal lingerie that can significantly add that much-needed spice to your love life. Choose a set of seamless bridal panties for that no-panty line look on your honeymoon. They are perfect for your wedding dress as well as works well on your honeymoon periods under tight skirts or dresses as they leave the area looking smooth on the outside. Surely a must-buy for a flawless look. Or if you want to go bold, g -strings and thongs are always an option, darling!

Bridal Panties

  1. Bridal Bras

You need some special and extra sexy honeymoon lingerie for your special night. Go bold when it comes to bridal bras. There is a variety of options including plunging bras, bralettes, strapless bras, and many more. Pick up some bold colours like red, maroon or black. Or you can even choose colours that your partner likes!

Bridal Bras

  1. A Slip Dress

A sensuous set of nightwear, which is extremely sexy yet comfortable at the same time, is what every bride needs right now. And what better than a slip dress! A satin lace slip dress can never go out of fashion and is hands down going to be a winner for your romantic getaway.

Slip Dress

Some tips:

Try to get playful. Depending on the taste that you or your partner have, choose something unique! But always remember, while you are on a spree of trying out different and innovative lingerie and might want to try out something that you have not done before, take care of your comfort first, especially on your honeymoon, right? Remember comfort comes first.

The long wait is over!

Now that you know what you exactly like and want, choosing the right lingerie for your honeymoon is not going to be rocket science. Check out some exclusive wedding lingerie at LotusLeaf and get yourself the perfect lingerie that is sure to make your man fall head over heels for you all over again!