Types of Padded Bras & the Benefits of Wearing


A padded bra is a bra that has pads inside its cups. This can be used in everyday usage and it adds to the bust size of women and hides any disparity between the sizes of the two breasts which may be there in nursing mothers. They help in making the breasts look firm and bigger which adds to the personality of any woman. Padded bras are created by placing thin foam pads in the cups of the bras. This pad is placed between the fabric or the pad is laminated with the fabric of the bra. These foams can be made up of cotton, nylon, polyamide or maybe a foam sheet.

When a woman wears a padded bra, the uneven shapes of the breasts is converted into an even or perfect shape with the help of this foam. Thus a padded bra becomes an essential part of the wardrobe of a lady. These kinds of bras are best suited for women having small breasts. Wearing it on a daily basis shows their increased linear bust size, and thus it results in increased confidence. Women with heavy breasts can also use padded bras so that their breasts can get an equal and linear shape.

padded bra

Wearing a padded bra also prevents the nipples from showing up and hence prevents the ladies from embarrassment.

There are many types of padded bras which are as follows:

  • Push-up bra, which makes the cleavage between the two breasts appear increased.
  • Padded tube bra, which is made in order to give a smooth look under your dress. It can be worn under body fitted outfits.
  • Full coverage padded bra, which is best suited to women having heavy breasts. Their padding is seamless and it can be worn under ant attire.
  • Then there is a padded t-shirt bra, which is meant to be worn under t-shirts. It does not show any visible bra lines. These are super smooth and soft and are also called lightly padded bras.
  • Next is a strapless padded bra, which is used in off-shoulder dresses and is supportive at the bands.
  • The next type is a heavily padded bra, which is created with the cups having foam in them so that your breasts look bigger and firmer. This kind of bra increases bust volume and gives extra padding and support to the breasts.
  • Padded nursing bras are also there to provide prevention against sagging at the time of pregnancy and nursing period. Their foam is made up of breathable material.

What are the Benefits of Padded Bra?

A padded bra provides support to the breasts and makes a lady feel comfortable and stress-free. Padded bra increases the self-confidence of ladies by making them look fuller and completing their look by increasing the bust size. A good padded bra also provides support to the breasts and improves the shape of your breast.

It also creates the cleavage and enhances it at the same time so as to give you a perfect look to your deep necked dresses. This bra is again wondrous in the case of fitted dresses and t-shirts. They save you from embarrassment many times. All in all a padded bra goes well with all kinds of outfits and is a perfect choice for women of all breast types. So, go shop for one!