Types of Bras Every Woman Should Know: Full Bra Styles Guide


Every woman must have a huge collection of bras in varying colours and styles. It's really frustrating when you wear the wrong bra, making your nipples visible or doesn't provide the comfort and support that you need. So ladies, let us help you to brush up on your knowledge regarding different types of bras that every woman should have, in order to prevent frustration. Always be sure that you're equipped with the right bra style for every situation.

Let’s Know About the Various Types of Bras:


  1. Padded Bra

The smooth padded cups of a padded bra will give you an uplift and a seam-free look. It gives a fuller look for women with smaller boobs, and if you have large boobs, go for the lightly padded bras. In any case, it gives your breasts a rounder and a fuller shape. If your only concern is to hide visible nipples, then go for padded bras.

padded bra

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  1. T-shirt Bra

This type of bra has seamless smooth cups that support your bust gently. T-shirt bras smooth out the appearance of your breasts to prevent any visible bumps or lumpiness. These bras ensure that your chest area looks seamless.

T-shirt Bra

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  1. Push up Bra

Every woman should own at least one push-up bra, irrespective of their breast size. There always comes a time in your life when you want to show off the maximum amount of cleavage possible, whether it's under a low-cut formal dress or just a v-neck t-shirt. Push-up bras lift your breasts and push them closer while giving you a very prominent cleavage. Do get one to add some drama that you need!

Push up Bra

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  1. Underwire Bra

There is no doubt that underwire bras provide immense security and support for your breasts. Even if you don't like underwire bras, you can't ignore the fact that these type of bra provide immense security. Make sure you own one.

Underwire Bra

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  1. Halter Neck Bra

If sliding bra straps have been bothering you, you need a halter neck bra ASAP! The design of halter bras is such that these bras eliminate the straps from your back and have them go around your neck or straps that can be tied at the back of the neck. This type of bra can be worn with backless dresses and tops.

Halter Neck Bra

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  1. Bralette

Bralettes are trendy and hands down very adorable. It is a mixture of a bra and a crop top. They come in a variety of fun and bright colours and include lace, interesting strap configurations, and other detailing that makes wearing a bralette under transparent clothes great fun.

Bralette Bra

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  1. Balconette Bra

A Balconette bra lifts your breasts, enhancing your natural shape and cleavage. This bra style is best suited for women with small to average-sized breasts.

Balconette Bra

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  1. Front Open Bra

A front open bra has a hook in the front, right between the cups. As the hook is located at the front of the bra, it offers a smooth finish at the back. It is available in various colours; perfect for deep neckline outfits. This bra style is perfect for all those women, who find it difficult or annoying to hook the bra at the back.

Front Open Bra

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  1. Feeding Bra

Feeding bras are a blessing for new mothers. It has flaps in the cup section, for easy feeding. The flaps are tied with a hook that can be easily unhooked, making it super quick and easy to feed the baby.

Feeding Bra

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  1. Sports Bra

As the name suggests, sports bras are used during times of physical activity. When you're playing a game or jogging, you don't want to worry about your boobs falling out of your bra and pinching you in uncomfortable places. The best part of sports bras is that they prevent uncomfortable moisture build-up. 

Sports Bra

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  1. Demi Cup Bra

Demi cup bras have cups that only cover about half of the bust. This is a great choice for women with smaller or medium-sized breasts. The demi-cup bras provide a natural look to your bust, flattering your breasts' natural shape. It provides a lift to your bust and accentuates your cleavage.

Demi Cup Bra

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  1. Transparent Bra

The transparent bra comes to the rescue when you wanna wear a dress, or top with a deep neckline on the back or chest, forming a beautiful and clean look. It is made from sheer lace, and the cups are underwired, to give a seamless look.

Transparent Bra

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  1. Bridal Bra

Sorting out your bridal bra is a big part of your wedding preparation. These bridal bras are the ones to come to your rescue as they are comfortable and go with your wedding outfit. These types of bras are seamless, light, and keep you comfortable all day long.

Bridal Bra

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  1. Full Coverage Bra

Full coverage bras are a must-have in your closet. If your main concerns lie around full bust coverage, zero spillage, and maximum support, look no further. It offers more coverage for the top of the breast while providing support and comfort all day long. It is available in seamless options to be worn under fitted clothing.

Full Coverage Bra

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  1. Lace Bra

Lace is sensuous and it feels great to wear the fabric on your body, especially if it's lingerie. Made from soft lace fabric, lace bra is probably the sexiest bra style available.

Lace Bra

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  1. Net Bra

Net bras are made up of see-through net material. It is more of a fashion type of bra. If you are looking for a change and attractive lingerie options, this might be the best choice.

Net Bra

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  1. Printed Bra

Printed bras look quite sexy, especially the ones with animal prints. Even floral designs and polka dots are equally popular. All sorts of prints and colours are available here.

Printed Bra

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  1. Cotton Bra

As the name suggests, cotton bras are made up of cotton material. Some bras may have cotton only in the cups, while others bras are cotton all over. There is no doubt that cotton is the most comfortable fabric to wear, especially in summer. And if you are among those, who sweat a lot and are tired of bra's love bites, go for cotton bras.

Cotton Bra

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Women mostly share a love-hate relationship with bras. No matter how much you hate their straps and pokes, you just can't do without their lift and support. The right bra style will automatically enhance your look, whereas the wrong one will leave no stone unturned to spoil your look. That's why it is important to know the kinds of bras that are available in the market. Now you have the knowledge to choose the right bra types that will help you to feel confident and comfortable!