Be yourself

“Your breasts are not supposed to be twins, they are sisters and you should let them be.”


Our societal construct is such that whatever women have or not have, they are made insecure about it. Big breasts? You should feel sexy but also keep them covered at all times. Small breasts? Not sexy enough, so you should try all sorts of methods from push up bras to over exercising. The major concern here is that we forget that our bodies belong to us and not to others.


We all have at some point of time complained about the size of our breasts. All sizes have their pros and cons and it is important to understand that there is no perfect size. Big breasts are considered as a marker of womanhood and inherently womanly which is a false claim because we all know about “moobs” and women with small or non-existent breasts.


With the increase in cases of cancer all over the world, mastectomy or the complete removal of breast tissue has become a prevalent practice as a method of treatment of breast cancer. A 2018 report of Breast Cancer statistics recorded 1,62,468 new cases and 87,090 deaths that year. Seeing these statistics, it becomes even more important to build a welcoming environment for the survivors of breast cancer with acceptance for their breasts.


Apart from this, studies about women’s breasts and mental health reveal how dissatisfaction can cause serious results on a woman’s mental health. More than 70% of women are reported to be unhappy about the size of their breasts. Even as teenagers, a slower growth of breasts may bring feelings of being left behind while a faster growth of breasts may result in feeling miserable and can also increase risk for eating disorders, drug uses and depression.


The sexualisation of breasts is another very important concern. While bigger breasts are oversexualised leaving behind a feeling of dislike for oneself, smaller breasts are not considered sexual enough and are often made a point of concern by the society, particularly men .

It is important to note that most natural breasts are saggy, oblong shaped and the nipples tend to fall downward rather than face forward in order to increase reachability for prospective babies. Also, since breasts are actually made of skin on the exterior, they are subject to all sorts of bumps, blemishes, stretch marks and even hair growth which is all normal.


Most women are dissatisfied with their breast size. Widely known show, Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson’s DD sized breasts had been the American standard for quite some time. Whereas the sorry state of protagonists with smaller breasts has also been a storyline in many movies, tv shows and books.


Seeing all this data can be a bit overwhelming but the question is what can you do about it? Well, we can start by trying to feel more confident in the way we look. There’s no shame in wanting to have a fuller bust as long it does not affect your mental health. So if you have smaller breasts, wearing the right sized bra can add to your confidence and also help in the healthy growth of your breasts.


Bras come in many shapes, designs, sizes and purposes. T Shirt bras for seamless daily use, padded ones for a fuller look, push up for a more visible cleavage, bralettes for the fancy mood and strapless for those night outs. Out of these, padded bras have always been the first choice of women with smaller breasts as it helps to improve the form of how the tops and dresses look.


Padded bras, as the name suggests, have the cups lined with padding to give the appearance of a fuller bust. Usually the padding in such bras is removable according to choice or to clean the bra better. In contrast to the thin and flimsy traditional bras, these padded ones tend to give much more support to the breasts. The padding of the bra is also varied and ranges from light padding to heavy padding.


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